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Goshawk DigiArt Short Story Collection Vol. 1

Political Suicide: Is what happens to Liberal Politicians who lie to their constituents.

Planet America: When Liberal ideology has destroyed, not only America but the world, true Patriots find a new one.

Jits Master: He refuses to be a victim and pawn of his father. Now, his father wants him dead. But first, he has to help a little friend.

What is Goshawk DigiArt Comics?

For the first time in American history, a writer and illustrator, C.w. Brotherton, has created fictional work, written completely from the conservative point of view.

For decades, liberals have written fictional pieces that attempted to alter the points of view of its readers. These works of fiction have captured the imagination and transformed the mind into believing that the foundational principles of Americanism, is the enemy.

Enough is enough.

Americanism has been the saving grace of the world, and now it’s time for stories of fiction, to capture this incredible essence and share it with the world.

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